Let's go to the beach!

Just a small edit to make the default RTP water look more beautiful.

Use the grass to create a underwater effect. Thanks.

RTP Recolours

These are sets I've recoloured or adjusted the lights or shadows to look better or more realistic. I hope you enjoy them. :)




New dungeon sets!

This is to inspire you to recreate lost and fantastic dungeons. These sets have something to do with mine. I think you can recreate ancient mines and allow your characters to collect resources to create new weapons and armour. It's up to you, I think you will like these!

If you use it, please give credits to Celianna and to Enterbrain.

Lack of updates!

Yes, I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been having very few time to work with RPG Maker and with the tilesets editions. I think things will get better now and I may be able to produce new stuff. Hope you enjoy what's coming, and sorry once more.


The Skyforge

Here is something new (and big)! If you played Skyrim for a while, you must have found in Whiterun the famous Skyforge, the forge of the Companions! Why does it matter? Well, I've created the RPG Maker VX version of the rocky mountain with the beautiful eagle on the top of it and I think It's pretty cool, so I'll release it and I hope you like it.

If you have any suggestions or you wish to make a request, I might take it in consideration. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy my stuff. 


A new forge for your weapons!

Here you go, a brand new forge to create your epic weapons. This one was made from a sketch, scanned and re-drawed on Photoshop and textured with the RTP of RMVX Ace. I hope you like it. Thanks.


That is all for today! Or maybe not... let's see. Anyway, good games!


Alchemy Lab

Special hello to the lovers of chemistry and alchemy... I've been working on a laboratory for your researchs. I thought it was very cool, so I'll release it. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks.

Based on: http://images.wikia.com/elderscrolls/images/7/71/Alchemy_Table.jpg


The Forge

So, based on the forges of Skyrim, I've created a few bunch of sets that can be used to recreate a forge scenario of your game. Tell me what you think! Thanks

It has two varieties of WORKBENCH (used to improve armour), a SMELTER (to smelt your mined ores) and finally a cool FORGE with rocks and lava. Hope you like it.

UPDATE: Here is the original Inquisitor Forge Set remaked to match the Ace Pallete:

Credit goes to Inquisitor, don't forget if you use it.


Aztec Ancient Temple

This is a A4 Tileset I've made to create ancient temples like the Aztec and Mayans. I hope it can be useful!

Also, I've edited the Gold Temple from the RTP. I think it looks better, so I'll release it.

That is all! Thanks.

Entrance for cave

This can be used as an entrance for a lost and ruined temple, for caves and dungeons that is home for big bad ass dragons!

And this is a bonus... it's the default RTP statue with some rocks below and wings. Just for fun. :)

Yeah, hope you like it!

Feel like mining?

If you are a big fan of Minecraft, or if you have been playing Skyrim (like me) and love to forge your own weapons, you will need mineral resources! Now you just have to pick up your pickaxe and collect the ores with these sets:

Here is an example in-game:

Hope you enjoy them!

Pack of Tilesets (December ~ February)

I've decided to organize all my stuff in a large pack of 15 MB so that you won't have to download everything for yourself. People who asked this earlier, I'm sorry for not having this done earlier. I hope you can enjoy these sets as I did when I made them.

Included in the package:

DOWNLOAD: http://tinyurl.com/bsrarf4

Thank You!


Hi y'all, I'm André Fernandes (also known as FBU).
If you stopped by this blog and are reading this, it means you must be searching for graphics and other assets to costumize your game. If so, you are lucky! I'm glad to introduce you to the Dragon's Lair, my blogspot page where I'll be posting my everyday work with Photoshop and the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP.

My work is simple, I only do edits, you know. But I believe they can help you giving some identity to your very own game. What can I say, I like to costumize my own stuff... I believe we share that in common. So, if you like what I do, please visit the page regulary to see my newest work, to download it and to use it in your games.

I don't ask for credits, really, I don't believe in that shit. Just don't devalue my work and put your name under my stuff.

Thank you and nice games!!!